Abadan Refinery

پالایشگاه نفت آبادان

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Abadan Refinery
1912 (1912)
429,000 bbl/d (68,200 m3/d)

The Abadan refinery (Persian: پالایشگاه آبادان‎ Pālāyeshgāh-e Ābādān) is located in Abadan near the coast of the Persian Gulf. Built by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (later BP) it was completed in 1912 and was one of world''s largest oil refineries. Its nationalisation in 1951 prompted the Abadan Crisis and ultimately the toppling of the Mossaddegh regime.

The refinery was largely destroyed in September 1980 by Iraq during the initial stages of the Iraqi invasion of Iran''s Khuzestan province, triggering the Iraq-Iran war. The refinery had a capacity of 635,000 b/d in 1980 and formed a refinery complex with important petrochemical plants. Its capacity has been increased steadily since the war ended in 1988. Its capacity is now listed as 429,000 barrels per day (68,200 m3/d) crude oil.

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