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کانون تکواندوکاران ایران

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Seyed Ali Haghshenas

Iran Taekwondo Association "I.T.A" (Persian: کانون تکواندوکاران ایران) is the first N.G.O of Iranian sport which started its activities with the official authority of Iran''s Interior Ministry and Justice Ministry in 2001.

This organization has not only established the first Taekwondo schools in Iran, but also trained many Taekwondo official coaches and referees.

It has held many competitions in different age groups, from infants to teenagers, youngsters and adults.

Seyeed Ali Haghshenas is the founder and chairman of this organization.

Government oppositions

The Iran Physical Education Organization and Iran Taekwondo Governmental Federation are two organizations which are opposed the activities of the I.T.A. This opposition has been declared from the early establishment of the I.T.A.

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