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(Wikipedia) - Christopher Reynolds For other people named Christopher Reynolds, see Christopher Reynolds (disambiguation). Christopher Reynolds Member of Virginia House of Burgesses Personal details Born Died Residence Occupation
In office 1652–1652
1611 England
1654 Virginia
Isle of Wight, Virginia
Land manager (farmer)

Christopher Reynolds was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses and ancestor of R. J. Reynolds. Other notable descendants include Mark Twain and "Lonesome" Charley Reynolds.

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Early life

Reynolds was born in Gravesend, England in 1611, the son of George Reynolds and Thomasyn Church.

He arrived in the Virginia Colony along with several family members, including his brother Thomas, in 1622 aboard the John & Francis. His party settled in Warrascoyack County, Virginia, later named Isle of Wight County.

Eleven years old when he arrived, he was an indentured servant of Edward Bennett''s Plantation, where he was still living in 1625. In 1626 he was documented in a legal dispute concerning the contract of other servants on the Bennett homestead.

Although there are many references to the information above, there are many who question the parents of Christopher being George and Thomasyn. After much research, the Reynolds Family Association does not accept this as fact. There are two very well written and referenced articles to be found at: and that cast serious doubt on the accuracy of the conclusions of the writers of the sources quoted for this information.

Late life

By 1636, he had settled on 450 acres (180 ha) in what had eventually became Isle of Wight County near Pagan Creek. He had married Elizabeth, a widow with two children. They raised seven children, several who were mentioned in his will in 1654: son Christopher, son John, son Richard, daughter Abbasha, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Jane, stepson George Rivers, unnamed (unborn son Thomas, born 1655).


In 1652, he was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses.

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