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(Wikipedia) - Cuban
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Cuban may refer to:

  • Something of, from, or related to Cuba, a country in the Caribbean
  • Cubans, people from Cuba, or of Cuban descent
    • Cuban exile, a person who left Cuba for political reasons, or a descendant thereof
    • German Cuban
    • White Cuban
    • Chinese Cuban
    • Afro-Cuban
    • Jewish Cuban
    • Cuban American
  • Cuban citizen, a person who is part of the Cuban population, see Demographics of Cuba
  • Cuban Spanish, the dialect of Cuba
  • Cuban cigar, often referred to as "Cubans"
  • Cuban culture
    • Cuban literature
    • Cuban music
  • Cuban cuisine
    • Cuban sandwich
  • Something related to a cube, a three-dimensional solid object
People with the surname
  • Brian Cuban (born 1961), American lawyer and activist
  • Mark Cuban (born 1958), American entrepreneur

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