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Lesser, from Eliezer (Hebrew: אֱלִיעֶזֶר, Modern Eli''ezer Tiberian ʼĔlîʻézer, "Help/Court of my God"), is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Adolf Lesser (1851–1926), German psychician
  • Aleksander Lesser (1814–1884), Polish painter and art critic
  • Anton Lesser (born 1952), British actor
  • Axel Lesser (born 1946), East German cross country skier
  • Edmund Lesser (1852–1918), German dermatologist
  • Erik Lesser (born 1988), German biathlete
  • Gabriele Lesser (born 1960), German historian and journalist
  • George Lesser, American musician
  • Gerald S. Lesser (1926–2010), American psychologist
  • Henry Lesser (born 1963), German footballer
  • J Lesser (born 1970), also known as Lesser, American musician
  • Len Lesser (1922–2011), American actor
  • Louis Lesser (born 1916), American business magnate
  • Matt Lesser, Connecticut politician
  • Mike Lesser (born 1943), British mathematical philosopher and political activist
  • Norman Lesser (1902–1985), Anglican bishop and Archbishop of New Zealand
  • Otto Lesser (1830–1887), German astronomer
  • Rika Lesser (born 1953), American poet
  • Robert Lesser (born 1942), American actor
  • Rosa Lesser, Austrian luger
  • Ryan Lesser, Rhode Island video game designer
  • Sam Lesser (1915–2010), also known as Sam Russell, British journalist and Spanish Civil War veteran
  • Sol Lesser (1890–1980), American film producer
  • Stephen A. Lesser (born 1944), American architect
  • Wendy Lesser (born 1952), American author, editor and critic
  • Werner Lesser (1932–2005), East German ski jumper
  • Stephen Marlowe (1928–2008), born Milton Lesser, American author

Lesser is a forename, and may refer to

  • Lesser Samuels (1894–1980), Hollywood screenwriter
  • Lesser Ury (1861-1931), German Impressionist painter and printmaker

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