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Kuwait City
Predominantly Shi''a Islam Minority Sunni Islam
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Iranians in Kuwait is the Iranian community in Kuwait. In 2012, there were 45,000 Iranian citizens residing in Kuwait according to the population census. Iranian expatriates are heavily concentrated in the Bneid al-Gar suburb of Kuwait City.

In 1921, there were 10,000 Iranians in Kuwait. In 1933, H. R. P. Dickson said the Persian community was growing rapidly in size. By 1938, the Persian community had grown to 18,000.

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Most Iranian expatriates in Kuwait are employed the private sector. In 2011, there were 42,795 Iranian citizens in Kuwait; 699 were employed in the public sector, 24,684 in the private sector and 16,577 were on dependent visas.


There are Iranian schools in Kuwait, most are privately funded and located in the suburbs of Kuwait City. Iranian schools in Kuwait include:

  • Iranian School of Kuwait - previously located in Jabriya, recently relocated to Al Riggae.
  • Ja''afari School
Iranian Kuwaitis Ajam العيم Regions with significant populations Religion Related ethnic groups
Kuwait City
Predominantly Shi''a Islam Minority Sunni Islam
Ajam of Bahrain

Iranian Kuwaitis are Kuwaiti citizens of Iranian origin, who migrated to Kuwait over the last couple of hundred years. Marafi Behbahani was one of the first merchants to settle in Kuwait in the 18th century.

Most Iranian Kuwaitis are Shiite Muslims. However, some Kuwaitis of Persian origin are Sunnis originally from Larestan. In Bahrain, they are called Hola (هوله). The Kuwaitis of Iranian Balochi origin are predominantly Sunni Muslim, although nearly half of the Balochi community adheres to Shiite Islam. Balochi families first immigrated to Kuwait in the 19th century.

Notable people
  • Abdulhussain Abdulredha, prominent actor.
  • Ahmed Lari, a member of the Kuwaiti parliament.
  • Ali Hussain Al-Awadhi, journalist and politician.
  • Ali Al-Zinkawi, Olympics athlete.
  • Adnan Zahid Abdulsamad, a member of the Kuwaiti parliament.
  • Ali Ashkanani, footballer.
  • Ali al-Ihqaqi, Shaykhism marja.
  • Ali Abdulreda, footballer.
  • Abdulwahed Al-Awadhi, a member of the Kuwait National Assembly parliament.
  • Kazem Behbehani, immunologist and retired professor, World Health Organization official.
  • Rola Dashti, one of first Kuwaiti women elected in the Kuwaiti parliament.
  • Samir Said, footballer.
  • Dawood Hussein, comedy actor.
  • Bashar al-Shatti, singer-songwriter of Star Academy fame.
  • Sulaiman Qabazard, 1976 Olympics diver.
  • Emma Shah, singer.
  • Mai Al Balushi, actress.
  • Ibtihal Al-Khatib, secular academic.
  • Marafi, merchant.
  • Mohammad Ashkanani, professional basketball player.
  • Saleh Ashour, a member of the Kuwaiti parliament.
  • Hassan Jawhar, former member of the National Assembly.
  • Hussain Al-Moussawi, footballer.
  • Abbas Almohri, Shia scholar.
  • Halema Boland, television host and entertainer.
  • Hamad al-Naqi, blogger.
  • Nasser Abul, online activist.

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