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به روز شده:Saturday 16th November 2019 تعریف Title:PARSEED: Arts,Auto,Commercial,Cuisine,Culture,DIY,Economy,Fun,Green Life,Health,History,Import-Export,Internet-IT,Military,Nature,News,People,Politics,Science,Sports Keywords: Iran,Iranian,Tehran,Negareh,Persia,Islamic,Persian,US,President,Shah,Iraq,Dowlat,United States,Russia,American,Irani,China,Rouhani,Islamic Republic,Washington,Europe,Mehr,Syria,France,British,India,Hassan Rouhani,Obama,Middle East,Vezir,Turkey,Arab,New York,Majlis,Life,Germany,MNA,Universal,Raees,Persian Gulf,IRNA,Israel,Prime Minister,Afghanistan,Qajar,Imam,Britain,Russian,Foreign Minister Description: Arts & Poetry,Literature,Books,Automotive,Transportation,Aviation,Traffic,Space,B2B,Business Informtion,Advertising,Investment and Job Opportunities,Food & Cuisine,Herbs,Restaurants,Culture,Society,Religion,Education,Humanity,Do it yourself (DIY): Technical know-how of building,modifying,or repairing,Money & Economy,Business,Energy & Industry,Entertainment & Satire Cinema,TV & Show,Tourism & Places,Green Lifestyle,Organic Flowers & Plants,Pro-Environment,Love & Romance,Health-Beauty,Medicinal Herbs,Traditional Healing,Lifestyle-Fitness,History & Civilization,Humanity,Ancient Heritage,Import,Ex

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