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Male Arabic Name (Wikipedia) - Mahmud   (Redirected from Mahmoud) Mahmud Gender Origin Word/name Meaning Other names Alternative spelling
"The praised one", "Worthy of reverence", and "Laudable or commendable".
Mahmood, Mahmoud, Mahmut, Makhmud, Mehmood, Mehmud, Mohamud

Mahmud is the primary transliteration of the Arabic given name, Arabic: محمود‎, Maḥmūd, that comes from the Arabic triconsonantal root of Ḥ-M-D "Praise".

Despite sharing the same triconsonantal root, this name is distinct from the name Muhammad.

The name is common in most parts of the Islamic world; it is used as a given name for males, while the variant Mahmuda is given to females.

  • 1 Places
  • 2 Given name
    • 2.1 Mahmood
    • 2.2 Mahmoud
    • 2.3 Mahmud
    • 2.4 Mahmut
    • 2.5 Mehmood
    • 2.6 Mehmud
  • 3 Surname
    • 3.1 Mahmood
    • 3.2 Mahmoud
    • 3.3 Mahmud
    • 3.4 Mehmood
    • 3.5 Mehmud
  • 4 Animals
Places Given name Mahmood
  • Mahmood Ali (1928–2008), Pakistani radio, television and stage artist
  • Mahmood Hussain (cricketer) (1932–1991), Pakistani Test cricketer
  • Mahmood Hussain (councillor), former Lord Mayor of Birmingham
  • Mahmood Mamdani (born 1946), Ugandan academic, author and political commentator
  • Mahmood Shaam (born 1940), Pakistani Urdu language journalist, poet writer and analyst
Mahmoud Mahmud
  • Mahmud al-Kashgari, Turkish scholar
  • Mahmud Al-Nashaf, Israeli Arab politician
  • Mahmud Hotaki, Afghan ruler
  • Mahmud I, Sultan of Ottoman Empire 1730-1754
  • Mahmud II, Sultan of Ottoman Empire 1808-1839
  • Mahmud II of Great Seljuk, Sultan of Baghdad in 1118
  • Mahmud Khalid, Ghanaian politician
  • Mahmud Mahmud, Iranian politician
  • Mahmud Nazari, Afghan academic
  • Mahmud of Ghazni, ruler of Ghazni 997-1030
  • Mahmud Shah (Sultan of Malacca), Sultan of Malacca 1488-1528
  • Mahmud Shah Durrani, ruler of Afghanistan 1801-1803 & 1809-1818
  • Mahmud Tarzi, Afghan journalist
  • Mahmut Bezgin, Turkish footballer
  • Mahmut Boz, Turkish footballer
  • Mahmut Celal Bayar, third President of Turkey
  • Mahmut Cuhruk, Turkish judge
  • Mahmut Demir, Turkish sport wrestler
  • Mahmut Hoşgiz, Turkish footballer
  • Mahmut Özdemir (born 1987), German politician of Turkish descent
  • Mahmut Özgener, Turkish Football Federation president
  • Mahmut Şenol, Turkish author
  • Mahmut Tekdemir, Turkish footballer
  • Mahmut Yavuz, Turkish navy officer and ultramarathon runner
  • Mahmut Yıldırım, Kurdish contract killer
  • Mahmut Yilmaz, German footballer of Turkish descent
  • Mehmood Ali, Indian film actor in Bollywood, credited as Mehmood
  • Mehmood Aslam, Pakistani Television & Stage Actor
  • Mehmood Bhatti, Pakistani fashion designer
  • Mehmood Quaraishy, Kenyan cricketer
  • Mehmood Sham, Pakistani journalist
  • Maulana Mehmud Hasan, Indian independence activist
  • Mehmud Khurd, Pakistani ruler
Surname Mahmood
  • Saba Mahmood, American anthropologist
  • Sajid Mahmood, English cricketer
  • Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, Pakistani nuclear engineer
  • Shabana Mahmood, British politician
  • Shahid Mahmood, Pakistani cricketer
  • Syed Mahmood, Indian jurist
  • Tahir Mahmood, Indian jurist
  • Ahmad Mahmoud, Iranian novelist
  • Karem Mahmoud, Egyptian singer
  • Shaaban Mahmoud, Egyptian footballer
  • Younis Mahmoud, Iraqi footballer
  • Md. Abdullah Al Mahmud (Bengali: মুহাঃ আব্দুল্লাহ আল মাহমুদ), Bangladeshi Education Reformist, Academician
  • Abid Hamid Mahmud, Iraqi general
  • A. T. Mahmud, Indonesian songwriter
  • Khaled Mahmud, Bangladeshi cricketer
  • Arif Mehmood, Pakistani footballer
  • Arshad Mehmood (composer), Pakistani actor and music composer
  • Arshad Mehmood (singer), Pakistani singer
  • Faakhir Mehmood, Pakistani singer
  • Hasnat Mehmood, Pakistani artist
  • Kashif Mehmood, Pakistani actor
  • Rashid Mehmood, Pakistani actor
  • Salim Mehmud, Pakistani rocket scientist
  • Mahmoud (elephant), an elephant associated with the Year of the Elephant in Islamic history
  • Mahmoud (horse), Epsom Derby winner in 1936
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