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Abbas is Medieval Latin for "abbot", and is an element in a number of place names in England. Abbas is a common Islamic name, and is an element in a number of place names in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iraq England
  • Abbas Combe, Somerset
  • Bradford Abbas, Dorset
  • Cerne Abbas, Dorset
  • Compton Abbas, Dorset
  • Itchen Abbas, Hampshire
  • Melbury Abbas, Dorset
  • Milton Abbas, Dorset
  • Winterbourne Abbas, Dorset
Iran Khuzestan Province
  • Abbas, Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province
  • Abbas, Behbahan, Khuzestan Province
  • Abbas, Ramshir, Khuzestan Province
Lorestan Province
  • Abbas, Dowreh, Lorestan Province
  • Abbas Barfi, Lorestan Province
  • Abbas-e Kalpat, Lorestan Province
  • Bon Abbas, Lorestan Province
  • Dar Pir Abbas, Lorestan Province

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