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Persian male first nameAccording to Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, Manouchehr was a legendary Kiani king whose reign was 120 years.Manouchehr is a character in Shahnameh. He is the first of the legendary Shah who ruled Iran after the breakup of the world empire of Manouchehr's great-grandfather, Fereydoun.Manouchehr was the grandson of Iraj, who was the son of Fereydoun, and avenged the death of Iraj at the hands of Fereydoun's other two sons, Salm and Tur. From the death of Tur in Manouchehr's war of vengeance sprang a war between the peoples of Iran and Turan that would last for centuries, until the reign of Kay Khosroau.Manouchehr died after a reign of 120 years, and was succeeded by his son Nowzar. (Wikipedia) - Manuchehr (name)   (Redirected from Manouchehr) Manouchehr Gender Origin Word/name
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Manuchehr or Manouchehr (Persian: منوچهر‎, Manūchehr, Old Persian: Manōčihr, Avestan: Manuščiθra) is a Persian male given name meaning heaven''s face. It consists of two parts Manu (Manou) which means heaven in old Persian language and Chehr which means face.

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