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May, 27, 1614 A.D.:
Spain Offer For Bahrain Rejected

Shah Abbas of Safavi dynasty received a note from a messenger sent by Philippe, the king of Spain which asked Iran to give up Bahrain. At the same meeting Shah Abbas said that Bahrain was part of Iran according to historical documents and it can not be separated from Iran except by war. He added tha... Read Full Article:

May, 27, 1893 A.D.:
Shah Gives Firooz Region To Russia

Naseroddin Shah of Qajar dynasty approved an agreement signed between Iran and Russia that changed the border line in favor of Russians. The Firooz region now located in Turkmenistan was therefore given away to Russia. As usual, the terms of such heinous agreements were published in Europe without ... Read Full Article:

May, 27, 2014 A.D.:
Tehran- Niavaran Palace Complex: Ahmad-Shahi Koshk

By Mir Masood Hosseini Tehran- Niavaran Palace Complex Ahmad Shahi Koshk located in Niavaran Garden north of Tehran, part of the Niavaran Palace Complex is a significant neo-classical structure from the Qajar era. It was the summer residence of Ahmad Shah, the last Qajar king. Ironically, the same m... Read Full Article:

May, 27, 2017 A.D.:
These Muslim scholars wrote about evolution 900 years before Darwin was born

The theory goes back centuries. 2017-05-27 By Rayana Khalaf Contributor When you hear about the theory of evolution, English scientist Charles Darwin is probably the first person who comes to mind. 'Muslim scholar', on the other hand, is the last thing to be associated with the theory. But, Muslim ... Read Full Article:

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