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May, 30, 585 B.C.:
The Battle Of The Halys

Hoakhtar's latest recorded act is the battle of the Halys, fought against the Lydian king Alyattes the son of Sadyattes at Sardis. Alyattes had given refuge to a group of nomad Scythians who had betrayed Hoakhtar and fled after killing his son. Alyattes refused to give up the Scythians which started... Read Full Article:

May, 30, 1873 A.D.:
Naseroddin Shah In Berlin

Naseroddin Shah was the first Iranian king to visit Europe. Accompanied by Sepahsalar, the Prime Minister, some of princes, an English doctor, the photographer and royal servants, Naseroddin Shah left Rasht on boat on May, 12, 1873 for Saint Petersburg where he met Tsar Alexander 2. He left Russian ... Read Full Article:

May, 30, 1937 A.D.:
Memorial Day Massacre of 1937

In the Memorial Day massacre of 1937, the Chicago Police Department shot and killed ten unarmed demonstrators in Chicago, on May 30, 1937. The incident took place during the Little Steel strike in the United States. *** Photograph from the Committee Papers of the Senate Subcommittee Investigating ... Read Full Article:

May, 30, 1972 A.D.:
US President Richard Nixon In Tehran

President Nixon and First Lady Patricia Nixon arrive at Tehran Mehrabad Airport, 05/30/1972 The Shah and Shahbanou of Iran greet President Nixon and First Lady Patricia Nixon, 05/30/1972 Remarks at the Shahyad Monument in Tehran, Iran. May 30, 1972 Your Imperial Majesties, Mr. Mayor, ladies and gen... Read Full Article:

May, 30, 2014 A.D.:
Qasabeh karez tells of millennial civilization

MASHAD, May 28 (MNA) – Qasabeh karez underground water system traces back to times of Aryan influx of the land; it is a masterpiece of water system. Qasabeh ‘qanat’ (karez) underground water system is located in Gonabad, Southern Khorasan Province. It is among the wonders of the history of ci... Read Full Article:

May, 30, 2014 A.D.:
Iran’s ‘Black Gold’ now 106 years old

TEHRAN, May 26 (MNA) – By today, May 26, Iran’s oil industry will be 106 years old; however, the country still imports gasoline as one of the most oil-rich countries. Today, May 26, 106 years ago, the first drops of oil was extracted from a well in Masjed Soleiman, southwestern Iran in the dept... Read Full Article:

May, 30, 2017 A.D.:
1,000-year-old Persian cup discovered in remote region of Arctic Russia

The cup was probably brought to northern Siberia around 10th or 11th centuries AD Scientists recently made a startling discovery whilst on an expedition to monitor permafrost on the Gydan Peninsula; a 1,000-year-old bronze cup from ancient Persia (modern day Iran). The discovery was made close to t... Read Full Article:

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