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May, 29, 363 A.D.:
Battle of Ctesiphon

The Battle of Ctesiphon took place on May 29, 363 between the armies of Roman Emperor Julian and an army of the Sasanian Empire (during Shapur II's reign) outside the walls of the Persian capital Ctesiphon. The battle was a Roman victory, but eventually the Roman forces found themselves unable to co... Read Full Article:

May, 29, 1343 A.D.:
Nosratoddin Shah Yahya Is Born

Mozaffarid ruler Nosratoddin Shah Yahya was born on May, 29, 1343 (Muharram, 4, 744 LH). He was a nephew of Shah Shoja. Although he was only 15 when Shah Shoja ascended the Mozaffarid throne in 1358, he was put in prison for some time. After his release, he proved to be a capable warrior and conque... Read Full Article:

May, 29, 1917 A.D.:
Alaossaltaneh Announces His Cabinet Of Ministers

Following demonstrations against Prime Minister Vosooghoddoleh, he was forced to resign and Prince Alaossaltaneh was appointed to form a new government. He introduced his cabinet of ministers on May, 29, 1917 which was believed to be weak and unreliable from the beginning. That year was a disastrou... Read Full Article:

May, 29, 2020 A.D.:
The Old and New Persian Empires

By Eliora Katz Iraq is invaded and its despot is deposed. Iran encroaches, amassing territory covering Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Israel. The year is 539 BCE, though it eerily echoes events following the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Persia's supreme leader in question is Cyrus the Great, not Ayat... Read Full Article:

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