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January, 25, 1623 A.D.:
Iranians Conquer Baghdad

Following the decisive Iranian victory at the Battle of Pol Shekasteh in 1618, the Ottomans did not have much choice but to sign the Sarab Peace Treaty in less favorable terms. In 1622, Sultan Osman Khan's failure to mobilize the Yenicheri army against Iran ended with a coup that toppled him. His un... Read Full Article:

January, 25, 1951 A.D.:
Vosooghoddoleh Dies

Hossein Vosoogh or Vosooghoddoleh was the elder brother of Ghavamossaltaneh who became representative of Tehran for the first term of parliament in 1906. He later became minister of justice, then minister of foreign affairs before being appointed prime minister by Ahmad Shah. After resignation in Ma... Read Full Article:

January, 25, 1980 A.D.:
Banisadr Becomes President

Monarchy was abolished in Iran by a referendum on April, 4, 1979. According to results of the first presidential election, Abolhasan Banisadr was elected to a four-year term as President on January, 25 1980 Of 124 nominees for the presidential race, only 18 were disqualified. In the first preside... Read Full Article:

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