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January, 24, 1704 A.D.:
Louis XIV Offers French Iranian Treaty

A special envoy from French king Louis XIV enters Isfahan on Jan, 24, 1704, conveying a message to Sultan Hossein Safavi that offered a mutual treaty between the two countries. The treaty was signed by Sultan Hossein. It offered French protection for Iranian citizens and their interests in Europe an... Read Full Article:

January, 24, 1979 A.D.:
Military Occupation Of Mehrabad Airport

Military occupation of the Mehrabad Airport took place on January 24, 1979 by an order from PM Shapour Bakhtiar. It was the last move from Pahlavi regime in order to prevent Imam Khomeini from flying to Tehran. Bakhtiar took several measures designed to appeal to elements in the opposition movemen... Read Full Article:

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