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April, 14, 216 A.D.:
Prophet Mani Is Born

Mani was born to become the first prophet to preach equality of mankind. He had his first vision of an angel in his boyhood, and when he was 24 the angel reappeared and called him to preach the new religion : Manichaeism. He traveled to India and made converts there. The Persian king Shapour I permi... Read Full Article:

April, 14, 1908 A.D.:
Adana Massacre of Armenian Christians by Ottomans

The Adana massacre (Armenian: Ադանայի կոտորած, Turkish: Adana İğtişaşı) occurred in the Adana Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire in April 1909. A massacre of Armenian Christians by Ottoman Muslims in the city of Adana amidst the Ottoman countercoup of 1909 expanded to a series of anti-... Read Full Article:

April, 14, 1909 A.D.:
British Persian Petroleum Company Registered

A year after exploring rich oil reserves in Masjed-e-Soleyman in 1908, William Knox D'Arcy registered the British Persian petroleum company in London. Before D'Arcy, a French man named Julius Reuter had tried to gain the rights to Iranian oil reserves but he did not succeed. But D'Arcy somehow succe... Read Full Article:

April, 14, 1914 A.D.:
Borrowing For Coronation Ceremony

A well depiction of the extent of misery the Qajar dynasty was in before coming to an end; The government announced borrowing One hundred thousand Liras from the British bank at regular interest rates in order to cover expenses of the coronation ceremony of Ahmad Shah, the last Qajar king-to-be on t... Read Full Article:

April, 14, 1978 A.D.:
Alam Dies In New York

Asadollah Alam was a prominent figure during the Pahlavi 2 period. His father Ebrahim Alam became governor of Sistan and Baluchestan province after aiding Reza Shah in the coup of 1921. His father's influence gave him a jumpstart in the court of Pahlavi as Mohammad Reza's chamberlain. Then he becam... Read Full Article:

April, 14, 1988 A.D.:
American Frigate strikes a mine in the Persian Gulf

On 14 April 1988, 65 miles (105 km) east of Bahrain, the frigate USS Samuel B. Roberts hit a mine, blowing an immense hole in its hull. 10 sailors were injured. The U.S. retaliated fiercely. On 18 April, U.S. forces launched Operation Praying Mantis, attacking the Iranian frigates Sabalan and Sahand... Read Full Article:

April, 14, 2016 A.D.:
Iran and Russia Join the Global Alliance to Preserve Syria’s Endangered Heritage

by Franklin Lamb Beirut The Islamic Republic of Iran announced this week that it is ready to take part in the restoration of archeological monuments damaged or destroyed by ISIS terrorists in Palmyra (Tadmor), which was named one of the six UN World Heritage Sites in Syria in 1980. The Head of Ir... Read Full Article:

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