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April, 20, 9 A.D.:
Artabanus 3. Becomes King

The Iranian senate Mehestan elected Artabanus 3 who was relative to Ashk I by his mother as the new king. During Parthian dynasty, Kingdom was not necessary inherited and the senate which was comprised of influential noblemen could elect the king. Still it was a custom to choose the crown prince dur... Read Full Article:

April, 20, 641 A.D.:
Siege of Shushtar By Rashidun Caliphate

The Siege of Shushtar was fought from 641 to 642 between the Sasanian Empire and the invading Arab Muslims of the Rashidun Caliphate. Shushtar was an ancient strong stronghold in Khuzestan, and was attacked by the Arabs under their commander Abu Musa Ashaari. Although the city managed to resist the ... Read Full Article:

April, 20, 1981 A.D.:
France Sides With Iraq During The War

Saddam Hussein's main supplier was the Soviet Union. He was sent its best equipment : Mig 29 planes, T 72 tanks, artillery, gunboats and Scud missiles. Russians were not the only one! According to the document # D-53/4/2099 in the archives with the ministry of defense of the toppled Baath regime, t... Read Full Article:

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