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June, 21, 1503 A.D.:
Shah Ismail Defeats Ak Koyunlu Leader

While trying to beseige Darband in 1488, Sheikh Heydar (Shah Ismail's father), was killed by allied forces of the Shervanshah king Farrokh Yasar, and the Ak Koyunlu leader Soltan Yaghub. Soltan Yaghub imprisoned Ismail, his mother and two of his brothers. Soltan Yaghub died on Jan, 2, 1490 and Isma... Read Full Article:

June, 21, 1921 A.D.:
Majlis Fourth Term Begins

After nearly six years, Majlis started its fourth term on June, 21, 1921. The bill requesting abolition of the 1919 treaty, signed between the Iranian Prime Minister and the British Government while Iran was under occupation, was nullified. The bill needed ratification by the parliament. During th... Read Full Article:

June, 21, 1990 A.D.:
Earthquake Devastates Gilan

A major earthquake jolted Gilan province north of Iran at 12:30 AM. Measured at 7.3 on the Richter Scale by Tehran University, combined with more than 100 aftershocks, it caused huge disaster and left thousands of people buried in rubbles. More than 30,000 died and about 100,000 were injured while 5... Read Full Article:

June, 21, 2004 A.D.:
British Navy Violates Iranian Territory

(Wikipedia) – The 2004 Iranian seizure of British Navy personnel took place in the Arvand Rood (Shatt Al Arab) waterway on 21 June. Six British Marines and two Navy sailors were captured. The British servicemen were seized while training Iraqi river patrol personnel after Iran said they had straye... Read Full Article:

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