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July, 16, 622 A.D.:
Hijra of Muhammad, Start of Lunar Hijri Calendar

The "Hijra" (Arabic: هِجْرَة‎ hijrah), also Hijrat or Hegira, is the migration or journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina in June 622 CE. Date Thursday 9— Friday 24 September 622 Location Arabian Peninsula Also known as The Flight of Mahomet; The ... Read Full Article:

July, 16, 931 A.D.:
Hamedan Liberated By Mardaviz

Mardaviz, the national hero who was a restless fighter trying to revive Iran and Iranian identity took back Hamedan from the Abbasi Caliphates on this day. Iran had became stage of several uprisings after fall of Hamedan which took place the same year as the defeat of Nahavand in 642. Hamedan had be... Read Full Article:

July, 16, 1909 A.D.:
Shah Seeks Refuge At Russian Embassy

Mohammad Ali Shah had lost all local support. His last hope was the Russian military to suppress the Constitutional Monarchy Movement. After a long siege that led to famine, Russian forces captured Tabriz on April, 29, 1909. Meanwhile, Mojahedin forces advanced towards Tehran from Rasht and took Qaz... Read Full Article:

July, 16, 2011 A.D.:
Bodybuilder Rouhollah Dadashi Killed

Rouhollah Dadashi (Persian: روح الله داداشی) (January 24, 1982 – July 16, 2011) was an Iranian Powerlifter, Bodybuilder and Strongman, competing for Iran in international strongman competitions. He participated five times in Iran's Strongest Man competition, reaching the final round ... Read Full Article:

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