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July, 25, 539 B.C.:
The Battle of Opis

The armies of Persia under Cyrus the Great and the Neo-Babylonian Empire under Nabonidus engaged at the Battle of Opis, fought on Sep, 25, 539 BC. At the time, Babylonia was the last major power in western Asia that was not yet under Persian control. The battle was fought near the strategic riversi... Read Full Article:

July, 25, 623 A.D.:
Muslims Turn From Qods To Mecca

Followers of Prophet Mohammad used to pray towards Qods until he migrated from Mecca to Medina. The Prophet however, used to perform prayer sermons aligned in a way that Kaaba came in between which was no more possible after migration to Medina. On Jan, 15, 624, in the middle of noon prayers, Moha... Read Full Article:

July, 25, 645 A.D.:
Rhagae Uprising Against Caliphates

A couple of months after Osman became the third Caliph, citizens of Rhagae staged an uprising against the Arab invaders. This uprising was suppressed by deployed Caliphate troops. Later the same year citizens in Northwest Iran staged similar uprisings that were suppressed similarly. A while later Es... Read Full Article:

July, 25, 1966 A.D.:
Greek Ship Stranded Near Kish

On 25 July 1966, a cargo steamship later to be known as Greek Ship ran aground on the south-western coast of Kish in the Persian Gulf at position 26°31′34.13″N 53°54′29.11″ECoordinates: 26°31′34.13″N 53°54′29.11″E. The Dutch salvage tug Orinoco tried to refloat her but was unsucc... Read Full Article:

July, 25, 2014 A.D.:
Persian Inventions

SYSTEMS AND WAY OF LIFE • Protocol and Etiquette- rules of respect, cultured civilization, of order and harmony of everyday life. • Human Rights – 576 B.C. , cylinder of Cyrus the Great • System of State and Regions – created by Cyrus the Great (Satrap and Satrapies) • Iran was The First... Read Full Article:

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