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July, 28, 636 A.D.:
Moving Capital From Tisfun Approved

In a meeting at the imperial palace in Tisfun, the Iranian noblemen suggested moving the capital from Tisfun to Estakhr for security reasons. King Yazdgerd 3 first accepted the proposal but he changed his mind later. The Iranian army had just been defeated and Derafsh Kaviani had been seized by the ... Read Full Article:

July, 28, 1823 A.D.:
Erzurum Peace Treaty With Ottomans

Erzurum peace treaty was signed with Ottomans. Some border tensions and power struggles finally led to a war declared by Sultan Mahmoud 2nd in Oct, 1820. While the Ottomans' main army was engaged in Europe and they were dealing with revolts and uprisings in Balkans and Greece, Fathali Shah's son Mo... Read Full Article:

July, 28, 1826 A.D.:
Abbas Mirza Attacks Russians

In a provocative move, the Russians advanced in Erivan and occupied some localities to which Iranians protested and the ambassador sent to Saint Petersburg to discuss the issue was detained by Russians in Tbilisi. Abbas Mirza struck on July, 28 and succeeded at first. As Persian troops were approach... Read Full Article:

July, 28, 1988 A.D.:
Executions Of 1988

MKO was a leftist Islamic group that staged armed uprising against the Shah's regime. However, they fell at odds with the central government after 1979 and staged several terror attacks including bombing the parliament after which the group went underground. MKO leaders fled to Europe and then opene... Read Full Article:

July, 28, 1988 A.D.:
The Mersad Operation

After Iran accepted the UN resolution #598 and declared a ceasefire with Iraq, Saddam Hussein used the terrorist MKO group encamped in Iraq to gain as much of Iranian territory as possible. The MKO was calculating on civil unrest against the regime and public support for their cause. An army of abo... Read Full Article:

July, 28, 1989 A.D.:
Hashemi Rafsanjani Elected President

5th presidential election: From a total of 79 nominees for the presidential race, 77 were disqualified leaving only two presidential candidates. Of 30,139,598 Iranians eligible to vote 16,409,353 people participated in the election marking another low %54.4 participation rate. Mr. Rafsanjani leaded ... Read Full Article:

July, 28, 2002 A.D.:
Court Bans The Freedom Movement

An Iranian court dissolved one of the country's oldest opposition parties, sentencing some members to jail and banning others from political activity for up to 10 years. The Iran Freedom Movement party, is a religious nationalist party formed more than 40 years ago. The party members formed the back... Read Full Article:

July, 28, 2018 A.D.:
Iran's Wolf Wall, Second-longest in the World, is Still Shrouded in Mystery

By Paul Cooper | July 27, 2018 10:58 am Golestan Province in Northern Iran is a unique landscape. Sandwiched between the temperate forests of the Alborz Mountains and the Caspian Sea, a narrow corridor connects Persia with the desert steppes of Central Asia. The passage measures 120 miles across fr... Read Full Article:

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