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August, 01

August, 1, 1906 A.D.:
Moshiroddoleh Appointed Vezir

Moshiroddoleh was given the role of mediator during the Constitutional Monarchy Movement. When Einoddoleh was dismissed from duty on July, 29 by Mozaffaroddin Shah, he was the best candidate agreed upon to become the new Prime Minister. Moshiroddoleh also succeeded in terminating a refuge by the rev... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 1960 A.D.:
Nasser Fails to Induce Other Arab Countries to Act Against Iran | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

August 1, 1960 LONDON (Jul. 31) Efforts on the part of President Nasser of the United Arab Republic to induce governments of other Arab states to break off relations with Iran, in retaliation for the recent statement by the Shah that he would continue his de facto recognition of Israel, have so far ... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 1982 A.D.:
Islamic Azad University Founded

Originally founded as Islamic Azad University of Tehran on Aug, 1, 1982, this private institution of Higher Education currently has an enrollment of 1.5 million students, making it the world's second largest. Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch is the first and the largest branch of Isla... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2009 A.D.:
Presidential Poll Protests Trial

(Wikipedia) – After announcement of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the winner of the presidential elections held on June, 12 2009 and allegations of fraud, protests erupted around Iran which followed a crackdown on dissidents. - 2009 Iran poll protests trial: On August 1, 2009, 110 people were put on ... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
Legends of International Football – Ali Daei

Sportskeeda – TEHRAN, In the past few years, football has grown in leaps and bounds. It has conquered new markets and has created a furore like the world has never seen before. The vast commercialization of the clubs has made even average footballers household names all over the world. The consta... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
Hillary Clinton Receives the American Patriot Award…No, Really - | Intellihub.com

By Kimberly Paxton The Daily Sheeple July 31, 2013 Lest you think that this is a joke, please check your calendars and note that the date is NOT April 1. This is for real. Clinton was chosen…take a deep breath… for her defense of our nation. The former Secretary of State, who resigned in a f... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
Who Is Responsible For The Bizarre Cattle Mutilations That Are Happening All Over America? - | Intellihub.com

By Michael Snyder The Truth August 1, 2013 Hearts, udders, teets, ears, tongues and reproductive organs are being removed, and in most of these cases the cuts are made with surgical precision and no trace of blood is left behind at the scene. Sometimes the mutilated cattle are left in the mud or ... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
Pennsylvania Judge Sentenced For 28 Years For Selling Kids to the Prison System - | Intellihub.com

by Emily Smith Intellihub.com May 22, 2013 In the private prison industry, longer sentences earn more money from the state. Since 2003, Ciavarella received millions of dollars in bribes for condemning minors to maximum prison sentences. In one case, Ciavarella sentenced a 10-year-old to two years ... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
Guantanamo Costs Taxpayers $454 Million Per Year, $2.7 Million Per Inmate Per Year - | Intellihub.com

By JG Vibes Intellihub.com August 1, 2013 Last week information about Guantanamo’s budget was made public, showing how much the inhumane prison costs taxpayers in America. According to RT: The analysis, first provided to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and made public last week, concluded that... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
Australian Original Astronomical Rock Engravings will Rewrite World History - | Intellihub.com

Within a span of 3.5 kilometres there are at least 16 major rock platforms (at a location kept secret at this juncture) which contain no less than 3,500 star markers. Conducted after extensive consultation with the relevant Original Elders and Custodians, and set against a backdrop of an enormous a... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
North Korea’s parliamentary delegation to visit Iran - Trend.Az

North Korea\'s parliamentary delegation will visit Tehran in the near future, head of Iran-North Korea Parliamentary Group, Musalreza Servat said, Afkarnews portal reported. He also recalled Iranian parliamentary delegation going to Pyongyang for participating on Fatherland Liberation War Day celeb... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
Iran seeks to boost capacity of two ports - AzerNews

Iran intends to double the loading and unloading capacity of northern Anzali and Amirabad pots, Head of the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization Ata\'ollah Sadr said on July 30. \"Once the development project completes, Anzali port\'s capacity would reach 16 million tons from the current figure ... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
Iran: Deputy FM acknowledges release of 78 Iranian sailors in Somalia | Mike Hitchen Online: i On Global Trends

Tehran, Aug 1, IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister in Consulate, Parliamentary and Iraniansˈ Affairs Resided Abroad acknowledged the release of 78 Iranian sailors arrested by the Puntland autonomous government in Somalia. According to the report of Foreign Ministry Media Diplomacy Department, Hassan ... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
Rep. Ed Royce Slams Iran lobby | Washington Free Beacon

BY: Adam Kredo The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee chastised a self-described representative of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) on Capitol Hill Tuesday for disseminating Iranian “propaganda.” During a press briefing on Iran sanctions, Rep. Ed Royce (R., Calif.) shar... Read Full Article:

August, 1, 2013 A.D.:
Travelling Back Home to Iran - Shedoesthecity Travel

This summer, I got the chance to go back to my motherland, Iran. For years, I’d been waiting for a chance to go and see my family. The last time I’d been there, I was only 12. I could only remember simple details like the food, the heat, and my grandfather’s backyard. Going back seven years la... Read Full Article:

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