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August, 2, 869 A.D.:
Imam Mehdi Is Born

Imam Mehdi, the 12th Shiite Imam was born in Samara on a Friday morning on Aug, 2, 869 (converted from Shaban, 15, 255 Lunar Hijri). There are other dates recorded as his birthday attributed to the secrecy of this important event in the Shiite and Iranian history. His father was the 11th Imam Hasan ... Read Full Article:

August, 2, 1743 A.D.:
Nader Attacks Ottomans In Iraq

Nader Shah of Afshar dynasty starts an attack on Ottoman strongholds near Kerkuk. Nader Shah had a great military talent and was trying to regain those territories that were lost during last years of Safavi dynasty. In two days Iranian forces were bombarding last resisting Ottoman forces in Kerkuk. ... Read Full Article:

August, 2, 1900 A.D.:
Terror Plot Against Mozaffaroddin Shah

Assassination attempt against Mozaffaroddin Shah took place in Paris on Aug, 2, 1900 during his tour of Europe. According to Shah's own diary, on his sixth day of his visit, he was invited to the Versailles Palace. After taking some photographs, they were seated in a coach with his Prime Minister ... Read Full Article:

August, 2, 2014 A.D.:
Kermanshah Historical Median City: Godin Tappeh

The historical site of Godin Tappeh (hillock) is located about ten kilometers east of Kangavar, in the western province of Kermanshah. According to Iran Daily, Nomadic cattle-herders speaking an Indo-Iranian language moved into the Zagros region in the first quarter of the first millennium, and set... Read Full Article:

August, 2, 2018 A.D.:
Iran and America: A Forgotten Friendship

Iran and the United States have a deep history of mutual respect and friendship. Is it possible that a reservoir of goodwill and affection lies dormant while political storms rage? *** Students at the American Memorial School, Tabriz, 1923. Credit: As President Donald Trump’s rhet... Read Full Article:

August, 2, 2020 A.D.:
MI6, the coup in Iran that changed the Middle East, and the cover-up

Documentary reveals evidence confirming a British spy’s role in restoring the Shah in 1953 – and how the Observer exposed the plot By Vanessa Thorpe Sun 2 Aug 2020 07.13 BST The hidden role of a British secret service officer who led the coup that permanently altered the Middle East is to be rev... Read Full Article:

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