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August, 22, 1779 A.D.:
Sadegh Khan Proclaims Shah

Sadegh Khan was the brother of Karim Khan but he did not have any of his brother's qualities. He staged a conspiracy with Ali Morad Khan who was appointed as the head of the Persian army and raided Shiraz and slew Abolfath Khan on Aug, 22, 1779. Thus, he became the fifth Shah of the Zand dynasty. Un... Read Full Article:

August, 22, 1951 A.D.:
Britain Imposes Economic Sanctions on Iran

(Werzit) - Iranians, under their national leader Dr. Mosaddegh were determined to end a long-term British robbery that had been institutionalized after the occupation of the country in 1943. The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) was practically stealing Iran's natural resources for free. After the f... Read Full Article:

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