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September, 11, 56 B.C.:
Mithridates III of Parthia Dethroned

Mithridates III of Parthia (Persian: مهرداد سوم) ruled the Parthian Empire c. 57–54 BC. On account of his cruelty, the tyrant king Mithridates III was dethroned by Mehestan, the Parthian parliament in 56 BC. Mithridates was a son of Phraates III, whom he murdered in 57 BC, with the assi... Read Full Article:

September, 11, 1795 A.D.:
Persia Takes Back Georgia

The expansionist Russian Empire abused the power vacuum created with the death of Nader Shah in 1747 and following power struggles in Iran to install its own puppet king Heraclius in Georgia. A Russian contingent of two infantry battalions with four artillery pieces arrived in Tbilisi in 1784, but w... Read Full Article:

September, 11, 1928 A.D.:
Bank Melli Officially Inaugurated

With the end of the World War I, the occupation forces which were a great obstacle in front of Iranian progress started leaving Iran and finally the parliament approved a bill that provided permission for founding a national bank on May, 5, 1927, and on Sep, 11, 1928 the first Iranian national bank ... Read Full Article:

September, 11, 1937 A.D.:
Majlis Eleventh Term Begins

The 11th Majlis term started on Sep, 11, 1937. Iran had entered a fast pace of progress. Reza Shah's risky steps including withdrawing minister from Paris and Washington and insisting that Iran shall not be called Persia in international documents earned him respect as a patriotic person who cared... Read Full Article:

September, 11, 1967 A.D.:
First Opening of Shiraz Arts Festival

(Wikipedia) - The Shiraz Arts Festival was inaugurated by Queen Farah Pahlavi on Sep, 11, 1967. The Shiraz-Persepolis Festival of Arts was an arts festival held annually from 1967 to 1977 in Shiraz sponsored by National Iranian Radio & Television. The festival included music, dance and theater, perf... Read Full Article:

September, 11, 2011 A.D.:
Iran Ships Iran-Kashan

(Wikipedia) - On Sept 11, 2011 Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex launched a third ship named "Iran-Kashan" after successfully delivering previous two orders to Iran Shipping Lines, namely: Iran-Shahr-e Kord which was identical to Iran-Arak. Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Comp... Read Full Article:

September, 11, 2016 A.D.:
Pottery uncovered in Iron Age cemetery hill in Qazvin

News ID: 3765938 - Sat 10 September 2016 - 14:21 Culture QAZVIN, Sep. 10 (MMA) – Pottery have been found during excavations in an Iron Age cemetery hill in Qazvin with a new ancient tomb emerging from underground. A Cultural Heritage Research Center local archaeologist and the head of a team work... Read Full Article:

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