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September, 13, 276 A.D.:
Bahram 2. Becomes King

Bahram 2 (276-293), son of Bahram I proclaims the new Sassanid king. In his time Carus, the Roman Caesar attacked Iran and advanced to Tisfun but Romans retreated after he died and in 283 made an agreement that left parts of Armenia and Mesopotamia to Romans. Hormazd the governor of Khorasan, the ... Read Full Article:

September, 13, 1848 A.D.:
Naseroddin Shah Ascends The Throne

When Mohammad Shah was on his dead bed, Iran was in a turmoil and the Vezir Haji Mirza Aghasi took refuge in Shah Abdolazim's shrine. Crown Prince Naseroddin Mirza came to Tehran and with the help of Mirza Taghi Khan, later known as Amirkabir, he ascended the throne. Amirkabir served him for 39 mont... Read Full Article:

September, 13, 2015 A.D.:
Iran national museum to host Penelope, 3 Roman sisters

Tehran, Sept 13, IRNA – The statues of Penelope and her three Roman counterparts will be on display at a Tehran museum on the first day of the tourism week, says the chairman of Iran's National Museum. The life-size marble statue of Penelope along with its Roman counterparts will be brought to Ir... Read Full Article:

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