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October, 9, 1606 A.D.:
An Ottoman Messenger To Persia

After capturing the Ganjeh Castle, the Tbilisi Castle surrendered and Shah Abbas marched from Georgia towards Erivan and Nakhjevan to take the Shirvan Castle back from the Ottomans. At this time, a woman named Golchehreh Khanoom visited the Safavid court. She was the wife of Simon the governor of G... Read Full Article:

October, 9, 1944 A.D.:
Saed Stands Against USSR

A Soviet delegate of petroleum experts, headed by Sergei Kavtradze visited Iran on Sep, 15, 1944 and complained about PM Saed's attitude towards Russians in a meeting with Shah on Oct, 1st. Saed was reluctant to sign an agreement while Iran was under occupation. In a closed session at the parliament... Read Full Article:

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