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October, 29, 539 B.C.:
World Cyrus Day

Oct, 29 is the world Cyrus day celebrated worldwide. Babylon's seizure completed on this day. Supporters of human rights cherish this day to mark the famous Cylinder of Cyrus which is known to be the first chapter of human rights in the world history, now kept in the British museum. Cyrus The Great ... Read Full Article:

October, 29, 1878 A.D.:
Austro-Hungarian military mission in Persia

The Austro-Hungarian military mission in Persia was the development of a military organization in Qajar Persia in 1879 by Austria-Hungary, which is considered as part of efforts to reform the Persian army under Naser al-Din Shah and set up a standing army in Persia. The Association had the strength ... Read Full Article:

October, 29, 1939 A.D.:
PM Daftari Presents His Cabinet

Matin Daftari was appointed as the new prime minister by Reza Shah. He presented his cabinet of ministers to Majlis on October, 29, 1939. The majority of the parliament representatives voted in favor of his cabinet. As a fan of Germany, appointing Daftari was to appease Germans. But after a short wh... Read Full Article:

October, 29, 1950 A.D.:
Educating Doctors In Isfahan

(IUMS) - Isfahan University of Medical Sciences was established in 1946 and was known at the time as Isfahan Senior School of Medical Training. After a 4-year course, students graduated as medical officers. Later, the school was relocated to a larger facility with a well-equipped laboratory. In 19... Read Full Article:

October, 29, 2014 A.D.:
Happy Cyrus the Great Day

Cyrus the Great Day or Cyrus Day, October 29 (7th of Aban) is the day that some Iranian nationalists believe it is the anniversary of the entrance of Cyrus into Babylon. It is named the day of Cyrus The Great by "Save Pasargard" Institute, but is not registered in any international calender. King of... Read Full Article:

October, 29, 2016 A.D.:
Ocrober, 29 Happy Cyrus the Great Day+Music Video

On the 29th of October each year, Iranians worldwide are celebrating Cyrus the Great’s entrance to Babylon and, alongside it, the issuing of the Cyrus Cylinder, what it is believed to be the first historically documented declaration of human rights. *** People celebrating Cyrus the Great Day Oct,... Read Full Article:

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