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October, 30

October, 30, 1910 A.D.:
Shiraz Blood Libel

(Wikipedia) - The 1910 Shiraz blood libel was a pogrom of the Jewish quarter in Shiraz, Iran, on October 30, 1910, sparked by accusations that the Jews had ritually killed a Muslim girl. In the course of the pogrom, 12 Jews were killed and about 50 were injured, and 6,000 Jews of Shiraz were robbed ... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 1973 A.D.:
Marmar Palace Becomes Museum

The construction of the Marmar palace with an infrastructure of 2870 square meters started in 1934 and was completed in 3 years by decree of Reza Shah. The architectural design of this two story building is a mixture of western and eastern styles. In 1970, the palace was designated as a museum. The ... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 1980 A.D.:
Fahmideh; Iconic Martyr of Khorramshahr

Hossein Fahmideh is an icon of Iranian patriotism who became martyr at the age of 13. In the besieged city of Khorramshahr, Hossein Fahmideh fought side by side with older Iranian soldiers. On Oct, 30, 1980, invading Iraqi forces pushed the Iranian troops back as they were passing through a very na... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2006 A.D.:
Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran Founded

Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran also known as MTPII, was founded on Oct, 30, 2006 as a modernist, moderate conservative political party. The party has supported justice, freedom, and "moral rule" of Iranian society, and to resolve community problems through dialogue with the political elite. D... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2013 A.D.:
'New approaches' pledged by senior official of Iran, in dealings with the UN Nuke agency

VIENNA — A senior Iranian nuclear negotiator says his country is taking a “new approach” with the U.N.’s nuclear agency, which is concerned about allegations that Tehran secretly worked on. Post the meeting with Yukiya Amano, the head of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2013 A.D.:
Lift the cruel, unfair sanctions on Iran, and you can close the nuclear dossier | Mondoweiss

Kourosh Ziabari on October 29, 2013 With the recommencement of nuclear talks between Iran and the six world powers, hopes have been revived that more than a decade of conflict and dispute between the two sides can finally come to an end and the concerns over the possible diversion of Iran’s nuclea... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2013 A.D.:
Persian Restaurant Shiraz Cafe Chamber celebrates business excellence | Local News | Prince George Citizen

Charelle EVELYN Citizen staff cevelyn@pgcitizen.ca Reza Akbari embraced Prince George, and Saturday night the community rewarded him for his commitment to the community. Akbari, owner of Shiraz Cafe and Restaurant, was recognized as New Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2013 Prince George chamber of... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2013 A.D.:
Saudi Arabia’s oppression of women goes way beyond its ban on driving

By Max Fisher photo: A Saudi woman sits behind the wheel of a car in Riyadh. (EPA/STR) For the second time in three years, dozens of Saudi women are getting behind the wheel to protest their country's practice of forbidding driver's licenses for women. The de facto ban on female drivers is Saudi A... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2013 A.D.:
Tiananmen car crash may have been suicide attack, officials claim | World news | theguardian.com

Tiananmen car crash may have been suicide attack, officials claim Police investigating incident at Forbidden City in which five people died say they are seeking two Muslim Uighur suspects Police investigating Monday's car crash at Beijing's Forbidden City are searching for information on two suspec... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2013 A.D.:
Persian Cuisine: Luxurious showcase for Iranian delicacies | Toronto Star

By: Tamsyn Burgmann Toronto Star, Published on Wed Feb 13 2008 Cuisine: Persian. Location: 6347 Yonge St., south of Steeles Ave., 416-225-2949. Hours: Daily, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, debit Noise factor: Soft recorded jazz. Live traditional band Friday to Saturday, from... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2013 A.D.:
A Time to Stand and Deliver for Iran

Reza Bavar and Amir Tehrani Middle East, Iran, Iranian Diaspora, US-Iran Relations, Diaspora, Hassan Rouhani, Iran Us Relations, Iran-And-United-States, Middle-East-Relationships, World News Thirty-four years after a revolution that toppled one of the longest standing monarchies in history, Ir... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2013 A.D.:
Iran’s Rouhani Seeks ‘National Will’ to Conserve Water - Bloomberg

By Ladane Nasseri - Oct 30, 2013 3:00 PM GMT+0330 Iran, suffering from drought that’s drying waterways and depleted groundwaters as its population grows, must draw up a national water-conservation plan to ensure supplies, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said. Iran’s water shortage is an “his... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2013 A.D.:
Store bought apple juice causes cancer and birth defects | Natural Health 365

October 23, 2013 by Jonathan Landsman Filed under Food News (NaturalHealth365) This week, there are new concerns about the safety of commercially-produced apple juice, coming from China, after a Chinese newspaper published an in-depth report accusing three major manufacturers of using rancid fruit... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2014 A.D.:
Apple in Talks With Distributors to Sell iPhone in Iran - Mac Rumors

Apple is in talks with Iranian distributors that could see the iPhone being sold in the country should Western sanctions lift sufficiently, reports The Wall Street Journal. Senior Apple executives have reportedly met with Iranian distributors at its London headquarters to speak about potentially hav... Read Full Article:

October, 30, 2014 A.D.:
5 great places in Iran you've never heard of | Travel - WPTZ

(CNN) —It might not be on everyone's travel radar, but Iran has a well-worn tourist circuit, encompassing attractions in the ancient cities of Shiraz and Isfahan. For those wanting to get off the beaten path, the country has a wealth of lesser-known destinations that rival the stunning beauty and ... Read Full Article:

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