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December, 28, 521 B.C.:
Last Revolt Against Dariush Silenced

A rebel leader in Margiana named Frada was the last one to be taken care of in a series of revolts against Dariush the Great. Because Margiana was not a very important part of the Achaemenid Empire, no action was undertaken until the end of the spring of 521 when the Medes had been defeated. In July... Read Full Article:

December, 28, 1974 A.D.:
SAVAK Kills Ayatollah Ghaffari

(Rasekhoon) - On December, 28, 1974 Ayatollah Hossein Ghaffari, died in the prison of the Pahlavi regime. Ayatollah Ghaffari was known as a highly knowledgeable clergyman who opposed puppet dictator Mohammad Reza Shah, he was a supporter of Ayatollah Khomeini and spoke out after he was sent to exile... Read Full Article:

December, 28, 2013 A.D.:
Twelve universities worldwide help restore Bam citadel

Head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization Mohammad Ali Najafi who was visiting the Bam citadel on Wednesday said "The Bam citadel is a symbol for the Iranian identity and culture. Reviving this historical building was a complicated, yet successful task.” Maintaining that in the ... Read Full Article:

December, 28, 2014 A.D.:
Darreh Shahr home to 16 ancient forts

Darreh Shahr home to 16 ancient forts DARREH SHAHR, Dec. 28 (MNA) – Darreh Shahr in Ilam Province is home to 16 historical forts, Director General of Ilam Cultural Heritage Organization has announced. According to Abolmalek Shanbehzadeh, Darreh Shahr with its many ancient sites is considered one o... Read Full Article:

December, 28, 2016 A.D.:
Royal Bonds: How the Mother, Wife, and Daughter of Darius III Became Family of Alexander the Great

27 December, 2016 - By Natalia Klimczak Alexander the Great abruptly ended the reign of Darius III, and with it he saw the demise of the Achaemenid kings. However, while conquering new lands Alexander gained not only territory, but also some surprising female relatives who provided him with newfou... Read Full Article:

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