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September, 25, 539 B.C.:
The Battle of Opis

The armies of Persia under Cyrus the Great and the Neo-Babylonian Empire under Nabonidus engaged at the Battle of Opis, fought on Sep, 25, 539 BC. At the time, Babylonia was the last major power in western Asia that was not yet under Persian control. The battle was fought near the strategic riversi... Read Full Article:

September, 30, 539 B.C.:
Cyrus The Great Enters Babylon

The Achaemenid king, and the founder of Iran, Cyrus The Great became king in 559 B.C. Born in 585 B.C., he was a nobleman in all ways. His father was Cambyses son of Cyrus and his great grand fathers were all Persian kings generation after generation. His mother Mandana was the daughter of Astyages ... Read Full Article:

October, 29, 539 B.C.:
World Cyrus Day

Oct, 29 is the world Cyrus day celebrated worldwide. Babylon's seizure completed on this day. Supporters of human rights cherish this day to mark the famous Cylinder of Cyrus which is known to be the first chapter of human rights in the world history, now kept in the British museum. Cyrus The Great ... Read Full Article:

November, 4, 539 B.C.:
Cyrus Builds Babylon City Walls

Cyrus The Great started a manner just the opposite of other conquerers who burnt and destroyed conquered cities. He brought peace and security to the societies and that was the reason why citizens of Babylon had asked for his help to get rid of the oppressive king Nabonidus. Cyrus personally took sh... Read Full Article:

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