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فارسی »» The year 1974 A.D. in the Iranian History

February, 10, 1974 A.D.:
Iran Iraq Forces Clash At Mehran Border

After Iran forces seized the triplet islands in 1971, Iraq military movements accelerated at the borderline and sporadic confrontations between the armed forces of the two countries began. These clashes were mostly attributed to the military cooperation agreement between Iran and USSR, as a muscle f... Read Full Article:

February, 18, 1974 A.D.:
Khosrow Golesorkhi Executed

Khosrow Golesorkhi and his comrade Keramat Daneshian were executed in Tehran to become one of the most unforgettable icons of the Iranian leftists. Khosrow Golesorkhi was born in Rasht on Jan, 23, 1945. After his father died, he moved to Qom with his mother and later came to Tehran. His tendencies t... Read Full Article:

June, 30, 1974 A.D.:
MLK's Mother Was Assassinated, Too: The Forgotten Women Of Black History Month

By AURIN SQUIRE Published FEBRUARY 4, 2015, 6:00 AM EST On June 30th, 1974, Alberta Williams King was gunned down while she played the organ for the “Lord’s Prayer” at Ebenezer Baptist Church. As a Christian civil rights activist, she was assassinated...just like her son, Martin Luther King, ... Read Full Article:

July, 5, 1974 A.D.:
Shah Visits France

The entire French Cabinet lined up at the Paris Orly Airport to welcome Mohammad Reza Shah and his Queen Farah Pahlavi. President Valery Giscard d'Estaing skipped the NATO summit in Brussels to welcome the Iranian leader, who was welcomed at the Versailles Palace with fireworks and dances. By the ... Read Full Article:

November, 2, 1974 A.D.:
Kissinger Visits Tehran

Henry Kissinger, the U.S. secretary of foreign affairs visited Tehran. One day after his arrival Mohammad Reza Shah announced that the price of crude oil must not rise. This statement showed that Kissinger's first goal from the mission was achieved. The second issue was Iraq which had close ties wi... Read Full Article:

December, 5, 1974 A.D.:
The Roof Collapsed At Mehrabad Airport

An accident at Mehrabad International airport in Tehran killed at least 17 and injured tens of passengers and their relatives. It was announced that heavy snow was the cause of this accident. Abolhasan Ebtehaj who was the executive manager at the ministry of Planning and budget at the time the build... Read Full Article:

December, 28, 1974 A.D.:
SAVAK Kills Ayatollah Ghaffari

(Rasekhoon) - On December, 28, 1974 Ayatollah Hossein Ghaffari, died in the prison of the Pahlavi regime. Ayatollah Ghaffari was known as a highly knowledgeable clergyman who opposed puppet dictator Mohammad Reza Shah, he was a supporter of Ayatollah Khomeini and spoke out after he was sent to exile... Read Full Article:

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