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Amirkabir Dam Inaugurated... 25/10/1961 History
Inauguration ceremonies of the Amirkabir Dam took place on Oct, 25, 1961. Mohammad Reza Shah attended the ceremony. The initial studies for Amirkabir...View Details»

Amini Becomes Prime Minister... 05/05/1961 History
Dr. Ali Amini started his term as the 67th Prime Minister of Iran on May, 5, 1961. Mohammad Reza Shah was under pressure from US President John F. Ken...View Details»

Origin Of The Iranian Teachers' Day... 02/05/1961 History
Commemorating the martyrdom of Abolhassan Khanali, a teacher who was shot dead in a meeting in front of National Parliament during the Mohammad Reza S...View Details»

Teachers' Demonstration In Tehran... 21/04/1961 History
The teachers of Tehran took their voices of discontent to the streets and staged a public demonstration in the historical Baharestan Square where the ...View Details»

Majlis Twentieth Terms Begins... 21/02/1961 History
During Majlis elections in 1960, contested primarily by the Melliyun Party and the Mardom Party, charges of widespread fraud could not be suppressed, ...View Details»

Inauguration Of Melli University... 14/02/1961 History
The inauguration of Melli University of Iran on the heights of Tehran took place with just 174 students. Primarily, this university had only two facul...View Details»

Nullification Of Fraudulent Parliament Elections... 09/01/1961 History
The twentieth term Majlis elections under a two party system took place on Aug, 17, 1960. Manouchehr Eghbal, the Melliun Party leader was in charge of...View Details»