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Assyrians Destroy Susa... 17/04/647BC History
The notorious army of Ashur Banipal captured Susa and razed it to ground. The Assyrians had built a very strong army that ruled over a vast area witho...View Details»

The Theft and Half Century Journey of Einstein's Brain... 17/04/1955 History
By Matt Blitz On April 17, 1955, the greatest scientist of his generation checked himself into Princeton Hospital due to chest pains. By early the nex...View Details»

Civil Disorder In Fars, Troops Deployed... 17/04/1964 History
The Tehran radio announced that armed insurgents related to Ghashgha tribe simultaneously attacked several police stations in the Fars province at the...View Details»

Jimmy Carter Announcing Ban on Iranian Immigration ... 17/04/1980 History
ABC News Digs Up Video of Jimmy Carter Announcing Ban on Iranian Immigration - The Rush Limbaugh Show December 11, 2015 RUSH: Grab sound bite number ...View Details»

Tehran International Conference on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation... 17/04/2010 History
(Wikipedia) - Iran convened a conference titled "International Disarmament and Non-proliferation: World Security without Weapons of Mass Destruction" ...View Details»

IAEA chief: Iran complying with nuclear scale-down commitments ... 17/04/2014 News
By Carol J. Williams April 16, 2014 Iran is fulfilling its commitments under a November agreement with six foreign powers to convert or dilute its st...View Details»

Brazil 2014: Iran open camp in S’Africa ... 17/04/2014 Sports
Iran took off to South Africa on Tuesday for their first pre-World Cup training camp with only 11 players and no goalkeeper, local media reported. Th...View Details»

Trilateral cooperation: Pakistan, Iran urged to promote regional arra... 17/04/2014 Politics
April 17, 2014 ISLAMABAD: Security analysts and academics have advised Pakistan and Iran to promote regional cooperation as their common neighbour ...View Details»

Iran, UAE take steps to establish joint business council ... 17/04/2014 Economy
TEHRAN – Iran and the United Arab Emirates have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to establish a joint business council. The MOU was signed...View Details»

Saturn’s newborn: Scientists say planet’s ring may give birth to baby ... 17/04/2014 Science
Scientists believe a tiny satellite is emerging from the edge of Saturn’s ring system. A disturbance in the planet’s outer ring, called ‘Peggy,’ could...View Details»