Put Persian Tahdig Fried Rice at Pars Grill House NYC on Your Bucket List

Put Persian Tahdig Fried Rice at Pars Grill House NYC on Your Bucket List ...
thrillist.com 10/03/2017 Cuisine

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By Thrillist Published On 03/09/2017 @ThrillistNYC
Tahdig Sibzamini on Persian Makaroni

* * * If you ever come upon a Persian restaurant, check it out immediately -- when it comes to Persian food, cooking traditions are kept alive largely at home, so Persian restaurants in the wild are rare treasures to be savored. And if you ever find yourself hungry in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, beeline it to Pars Grill House, a family-run Iranian restaurant serving up full-on feasts.
Persian cuisine is one of the oldest in the world. It was derived from ancient Greek and Roman traditions, and has since influenced food in locales like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and northern India. Iran's complex irrigation systems generate a dizzying variety of fruits, vegetables, and spices, so Persian stews, meats and rice dishes are brightly flavored with everything from pomegranate to lime to saffron.
Which brings us to the signature Persian dish tahdig: a crunchy, golden rice dish that requires an expert cook to execute correctly. Tahdig, which literally means "the bottom of the pan," is the result of browning a mixture of rice, yogurt, and egg on a stovetop before flipping it onto a plate. A good flip means good luck -- not to mention a delightfully crispy experience that brings new meaning to the words "fried rice."
Lawrence Weibman, otherwise known as @nycfoodguy, visited Pars Grill & Bar to learn more about Persian cuisine and flip out over tahdig. Watch what went down on this week's episode of The Explorers.
More Tahdig photos:
http://danamotor.ir/?lang=en& ;album=Tahdig
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