Jewish War Against Christmas - Intifada Palestine

Jewish War Against Christmas - Intifada Palestine ... 08/01/2014 Culture

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By Dr. Elias Akleh

Celebrating this Christmas the majority of Christians are not aware that there is a 2013-years-old brutal Judaic war against Christmas, and against all that it represents. Christianity is a total contradiction to Judaism and to the Jewish way of life. Judaism, in its present form, is a racist, elitist, supremacist, chauvinist, discriminative, vengeful, intolerant, militarily genocidal, colonialist, enslaving, criminal, hate ideology, while Christianity is a religion of love, peace, equality, forgiveness, and compassion. Christianity is the nullification of Judaism.

Judaism is extremely anti-Christian. Jewish war against Christianity has been the longest religious war ever; extending a period of two millennia and is still going on. Jesus Christ, himself, was the first victim of this war. Jewish Sanhedrin (high court) sentenced him to death and had crucified him. Yet his teachings had spread all over the world and had been adopted as the official religion of many states.

Jewish rabbis did not give in, though, and have spared no effort in their fight against Christianity. They had developed hate literature in their “holy books” to indoctrinate their children, and had used the Christian compassionate teachings to manipulate Christians, to gain power over them, and finally to distort Christianity.

The Talmud is the most revered Jewish book. It is filled with obscene descriptions of Jesus and his mother Virgin Mary. Jesus is described as evil, sexually deviant and idolater, who deserves to be killed. Princeton Judaic studies professor Peter Schafer reveals in his book “Jesus in the Talmud” the extent of hate Jews have towards Jesus. The book, endorsed by prominent Jewish rabbis, states that an early manuscript of the Babylonian Talmud gives a brief account of Jesus’ trial and execution by the Sanhedrin; the Jewish high court, not by the Romans. The book also claims that chief rabbis are punishing Jesus by boiling Him in a cauldron of excrement for eternity in hell. The Talmud also describes Virgin Mary as a hair dresser and a harlot.

Jewish covert war against Christmas started when the Roman Empire adopted Christianity. Jewish false converts to Christianity had infiltrated the Church and caused the elimination of many Christian books during the meeting of the first Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, thus determining the context of the official New Testament. They have also started the inquisition to eliminate all possible opposition and to burn all the so-called blasphemous books known as apocrypha.

Jewish infiltration and manipulation of the Church is still going on until today. . In his book “From Enemy to Brother: the Revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews, 1933-1965” (Harvard University Press, 2012), John Connelly, a professor of history at the University of California, Berkeley, claims that Jewish converts to Catholicism, such as Johannes Oesterreicher, Gertrud Luckner, Rev. Paul Demann, Geza Vermes, Renee Block, priest Gregory Baum and priest Bruno Hussar, among others, were the main drivers behind the 1962 “Vatican II Declaration” known as “Nostra Aetate”, which completely reversed the Church’s approach to Jews and religion. The declaration contains statements that Jesus Christ, his mother and his apostles were Jews, and that the Church had its origin in the Old Testament. It denies that the Jews may be held collectively responsible for Christ’s death, called the Jews “most beloved” by God, and that Jews “carried a special holiness.” In 1988 Pope John Paul II claimed that “Jews are our elder brothers in the faith” and later he stated that “Judaism is a response to God’s revelation in the Old covenant.” In 1995 Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago blamed the Gospel of John for “inciting anti-Semitism.” Finally the first act by Pope Francis was the June 2013 “Creation, Un-Creation, Re-Creation” Judeo-centric art exhibit extolling the Jews as “God’s Chosen People” rather than centering on Jesus Christ, whom the Jews murdered. The Jewish “Times of Israel” commented that “the Vatican is presenting an exhibit inspired by the first book of the Torah, rather than by a New Testament them.”

False convert Jews had also infiltrated empires and most powerful countries and occupied high political offices through bribery, debt, and intimidation. Those false convert Jews instigated the two world wars during the 20th centuries to devastate Christian Europe, and to eventually create Israel on usurped Palestinian land. Communist Jews instigated the Russian Revolution and devastated Russian Christians destroying churches and confiscating church properties through the collectivization process. Many Christian leaders were either executed or sent to the Gulag prisons. The Jews had also devastated Christian Ukrainians through the Holodomor famine causing the death of 50 million Christians Ukrainians (almost ten times the Holocaust).

Due to the fact that the United States was founded on Christianity and an estimated 86% of Americans are Christians, the Jews like to wage their war against Christmas behind the scenes as not to increase the awareness of their role in destroying the cohesiveness of this Christian country especially after they had controlled American economy, the media, the educational system, the politicians and American foreign policy. Very few Americans are even aware that there is a Jewish war; organized and financed primarily by Jewish organizations, against Christmas and American Christian culture and tradition. These organizations include American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, Jewish Anti-Defamation League, and Jewish led and financed ACLU. They misinterpret the First Amendment of freedom of religion to support the separation of church and state issue and put it at the top of their political agenda as stated on the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs website ( In their attempt to marginalize Christianity Jewish rabbis and educators claim that the display of Christmas symbols, Christmas carols, and Christian classes exhibit “a lack of sensitivity” to those of other religions (2% Jews). Meanwhile the Jews are flagrantly raising their Menorah even on public land right in the face of other religions (86% Christians).

The First Amendment of freedom of religion was intended to restrain the Congress from favoring any Christian sect over another as the official religion of all America. This was expressed by George Washington statement: “True religion affords government its surest support. The future of this nation depends on the Christian training of our youth. It is impossible to govern without the Bible.” The American government was meant to rule by the teachings of the Christian Bible. The display of Christmas symbols, the Christmas carols and Christian classes are actually guaranteed and protected by the First Amendment.

Extremist and powerful Jewish organizations did not relent. They orchestrated political campaigns and filed law suits and under the justification of “protecting the religious neutrality of the schools and other public places” had succeeded in banning any display of Christmas symbols and singing of Christmas carols in public schools. Yet New York’s mayor Bloomberg and the school’s chancellor, Joel Klein – both Jews – allowed the display of Jewish menorah in New York’s 1,200 public schools while denied Christmas nativity display, falsely claiming that the menorah is a secular not a religious symbol.

The Jewish campaign was so successful that the Christmas cross erection at the White House was banned, but the erection of the largest menorah was allowed across the White House on public land. While the Christmas tree and the cross are symbols of love and peace, the Jewish menorah is a symbol of a brutal culture of war commemorating Jewish military victory over their enemy.

In their attempt to marginalize Christmas Hanukkah and Kwanzaa festivities were introduced and celebrated during the month of December as rivals to Christmas. Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the Jewish Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire of the second century BC and is observed end of November and beginning of December. Kwanzaa, first created in 1966/67, is a week-long celebration honoring African heritage in African-American culture and is observed from December 26th to January 1st culminating in feast and gift-giving.

These three festivities have been turned into a month-long consumer orgy. Christmas symbols have been turned into conditioned stimuli to produce buying and money spending responses. Wrapped gifts had replaced nativity displays under Christmas trees. Christmas carols have been replaced with commercial advertisements. Shops are conditioned to consider Christmas as the most business profitable event of the year. Sale events had conditioned people to head to the malls rather than to churches, and to buy many gifts using credit cards to fatten the mainly Jewish financial institutions, who charge higher interest fees in these occasions.

Due to the “coincidentally” occurrence of the three festivities, and under the justification of cultural neutrality and religious tolerance the “merry Christmas” greeting was turned into “happy holidays”. Even the name “Christmas” has been mutilated to become “Xmas”; omitting the Christ name from “Christmas” and replacing it with the letter “X” meaning deleted, omitted.

In its war against Christianity and against Christmas within the US, Judaism seems to gain the upper hand. Christian symbols, Christmas nativity displays, and Christian classes are being banned in public properties within a mainly Christian country, while large Jewish symbols are permitted to be prominently displayed. Jewish rabbis are praying in churches and preaching of a false divine covenant with a privileged chosen people. Worst of all and besides the federal billions of American tax Dollars in financial aid, there are Christian organizations such as Christians for Israel and Zionist Christians, who donate millions of Dollars to Israel, an extremist intolerant religious state that is openly antagonistic to Christianity.

In occupied Palestine (Israel) vicious Judaic war against Christians and Christmas started immediately after the establishment of Israel in 1948. Palestinian Christian churches and communities such as in Nazareth and Haifa were viciously attacked routinely by extremist Jews. Perhaps the worst outbreak of organized desecration of Christian properties was in September 1963, when hundreds of religiously extremist ultra-orthodox vigilante group, called the Society of Activists of the Torah Camp (Hever Peelei Hamahane Hatorati) orchestrated simultaneous attacks on Christian missions and schools in Jerusalem, Haifa and Jaffa cities.

Jewish attacks on Christian churches and properties continue unabated until today. These attacks known as “price tag” and include filthy graffiti insulting Jesus and Virgin Mary, threats to all Christians, damage and torching of Church properties. Jews routinely humiliate and spit on Christian priests and nuns. Christian religious festivities are restricted by Israeli army. Israeli government had confiscated many Church properties especially in Jerusalem. Christian Palestinians are barred entry to, and prayer in Jerusalem.

Jews of Israel openly brag about murdering Jesus and threaten to do the same to all Christians. The official Israeli television industry had joined into the fight against Christianity with children TV shows such as “History lesson with Toffee and Gorilla” insulting Jesus and calling him Nazi.
Another Jewish talk show on Israel channel 10 makes fun of Christianity, Christ and his mother Virgin Mary calling her a whore. Youtube is full of such Jewish hate videos about Christianity. Just search for “Jews mocking Jesus”.
Jews are utilizing all their financial wealth, their media control, their political influence, and their inside false converts to combat Christianity and to erase the real meaning of Christmas. Their two thousands war seems to have dealt some devastating blows to Christianity worldwide. Christians need to become aware of this covert war before it is too late.


About the author

Elias-akleh-150x1501Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab writer from a Palestinian descent born in the town of Beit Jala. His family was first evicted from Haifa after the “Nakba” of 1948, then from Beit Jala after the “Nakseh” of 1967. He lives now in the US, and publishes his articles on the web in both English and Arabic.

Photo: Father Philoumenos (Hasapis) was the Monk of the Greek Orthodox monastery of Jacob’s Well near the city of Samaria, now called Nablus (Neapolis), in the West Bank. The Saint experienced a martyric death November 16,1979 at the hands of extremist Jewish Zionists who massacred him with an ax in the evening, while he was performing Vespers at the Well of Jacob where he lived as a loyal guardian of the Holy Places and centuries old way of life. They burst into the monastery and with a hatchet butchered Archimandrite Philoumenos in the form of a cross. With one vertical stroke they clove his face, with another horizontal stroke they cut his cheeks as far as his ears. His eyes were plucked out. The fingers of his right hand were cut into pieces and its thumb was hacked off. These were the fingers with which he made the sign of the Cross. The murderers were not content with the butchering of the innocent monk, but proceeded to desecrate the church as well. A crucifix was destroyed, the sacred vessels were scattered and defiled, and the church was in general subjected to sacrilege of the most appalling type.” In August 30, 2008 , Father Philoumenos was glorified was a Saint in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Source:

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