Major shipping routes resume traffic to Iranian ports

Major shipping routes resume traffic to Iranian ports ... 15/07/2014 Economy

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TEHRAN, July 15 (MNA) –After removal of sanctions imposed upon Iran, first world major shipping routes again harbor in Iranian ports.
Since sanctions imposed upon Iran, during recent years the major world shipping routes had not harbored in the country’s ports, instead they moored in other Persian Gulf ports of Arab states to unload the imported goods to Iran, which inflicted additional expenses on Iran for reloading and unloading goods in Iranian ports.
Shipping companies from China, India, Korea, and Italy have requested Iran for anchoring their ships in Iranian ports.
The first shipping company which will harbor again in Iranian ports next week is Thai, Wan Hai shipping company.
Geneva deal clinched in Novemebr 2013 had set Bushehr and Shahid Rajaei ports as temporary ports for harboring ships.

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