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Qajar Massacre In Kerman... 17/06/1794 History
After a long siege, Kerman was captured by Agha Mohammad Khan's army. The city had given refugee to Fathali Khan, the last Zand ruler and resisted her...View Details»

Agha Mohammad Khan Murdered... 17/06/1797 History
In 1791 and 1795, Agha Mohammad Khan marched into Georgia to recover one of the richest provinces of the Safavid dynasty. With the pretext that Georgi...View Details»

Beginning Of The Reign of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar ... 17/06/1797 History
Fat′h Ali Shah Qajar (5 September 1772 – 23 October 1834) was the second Qajar Emperor/Shah of Persia. He reigned from 17 June 1797 until his death. ...View Details»

Ghavam Appointed Prime Minister... 17/06/1922 History
By a decree from Ahmad Shah, Ghavamossaltaneh was appointed Prime Minister for a second time. As a pro-democracy leader, he soon fell at odds with Rez...View Details»

Sanskrit, Persian plaques emerge from Surajkund pond - The Times of In... 17/06/2015 History
*** Officer on special duty (LDA) Rajeev Kumar said that the water of the pond would be flushed out in the next couple of days, and subsequently the c...View Details»

US Releases Official History Of CIA Orchestrated Iranian Coup... 17/06/2017 History
The long-awaited volume supplements an earlier publication that whitewashed American and British roles in the coup. By Malcolm Byrne | June 16, 2017 ...View Details»