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Composition of Golestan of Saadi Begins ... 21/04/1258 History
The Golestan (Persian: گُلِستان‎, also transliterated as Gulistân and Gulistan "The Flower Garden") is a landmark of Persian literature, perhaps its s...View Details»

Wahhabi Sack Of Karbala ... 21/04/1802 History
The Wahhabi sack of Karbala occurred on 21 April 1802 (1216 Hijri) (1801), under the rule of Abdul-Aziz bin Muhammad the second ruler of the First Sau...View Details»

Second Demolition of Al-Baqi Cemetery,... 21/04/1926 History
Al-Baqi cemetery, the oldest and one of the two most important Islamic graveyards located in Medina, in current-day Saudi Arabia, was demolished in 18...View Details»

Teachers' Demonstration In Tehran... 21/04/1961 History
The teachers of Tehran took their voices of discontent to the streets and staged a public demonstration in the historical Baharestan Square where the ...View Details»

Iran-US Boost Academic Relationships... 21/04/1975 History
A flow of U.S. educators from Harvard to the University of Southern California headed for Iran to offer training and advice in everything from the lat...View Details»

The Iran-Iraq War, continued ... 21/04/2016 History
new book reveals surprising economic subterfuge behind a bloody conflict that still shapes the region By Paul Wells April 21, 2016 *** September 198...View Details»

Iran’s Past and Present ... 21/04/2017 History
Why has the history of Iran’s left been erased? by Ervand Abrahamian & Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi *** Tudeh Party members and supporters of Mohammad ...View Details»