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Beginning of the Tabarian calendar... 23/07/488 History
The Tabarian (Caspian) calendar is the indigenous solar calendar of the Mazandaranis, Mazandaran is province northeast of Iran. Tabarian Calendar Cas...View Details»

Shah Abbas Eliminates Guardian... 23/07/1589 History
Morshed Gholi Khan was a tribal leader of the powerful Estejanloo tribe. He was the guardian of Prince Abbas Mirza who would later become Shah Abbas t...View Details»

Ahmad Qajar Leaves Russian Embassy... 23/07/1909 History
At the peak of the Constitutional Monarchy Movement, Mojahedin reached Tehran by July, 1909 and defeated Cossack forces of Colonel Liakhoff. Mohammad ...View Details»

Johnson Market in Bengaluru was set up in 1929 on a Persian trader's s... 23/07/2015 History
By Divya Shekhar, ET Bureau | 23 Jul, 2015 *** Named after a former British civil servant, Johnson Market was initially called Richmond Town Market. ...View Details»