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Alparslan Killed... 25/11/1072 History
When Alparslan, the Great Sultan of the Seljuk dynasty decided to march towards Turkestan, a Kharazmian governor named Yusuf defended a fortress by th...View Details»

Bayat Presents Cabinet... 25/11/1944 History
Morteza Gholi Bayat was an Iranian political figure who was very active during the Constitutional Monarchy Movement. He continuously became parliament...View Details»

Majlis Rejects AIOC Agreement... 25/11/1950 History
Majlis unanimously rejected the Supplemental Agreement by AIOC as inadequate on Nov, 25, 1950. AIOC was a symbol of western imperialism and political ...View Details»

Assassination of Mirabal Sisters... 25/11/1960 History
The Mirabal sisters (Spanish Hermanas Mirabal) were four sisters, known commonly as Patria, Minerva, María Teresa, and Dedé, who opposed the dictator...View Details»

Questioning Supreme Leader Leads To Protests... 25/11/1997 History
Following reports that he had questioned the suitability of the supreme leader, protesters in many cities expressed their allegiance to Ayatollah Kham...View Details»

Timeline of Key Events in U.S.-Iran Negotiations | NBC Bay Area... 25/11/2013 History
The deal marks the most significant accord between Washington and Tehran in more than a quarter-century Key dates in the Obama administration's conta...View Details»

The Iran nuclear deal: full text - 25/11/2013 History
(CNN) -- The following is the full text of the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers: Joint Plan of Action Preamble The goal for these neg...View Details»