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Khazars Pushed Back North Of Darband... 26/07/199 History
The Khazars were gradually invading the coastal areas by the Caspian Sea while Iran was under threat by the Roman emperor Severus forces. Romans often...View Details»

Battle of Siffin... 26/07/657 History
The Battle of Siffin (Arabic: وقعة صفين‎; May–July 657 occurred during the First Fitna, or first Muslim civil war, with the main engagement taking pla...View Details»

Darband, Baku, Shamakhi Recovered... 26/07/1607 History
While peace negotiations between Iranians and Ottomans were in progress Shah Abbas decided to gain more bargaining chips and show Sultan Ahmet that he...View Details»

Reza Shah Dies In Exile... 26/07/1944 History
Reza Shah Pahlavi who was living his last days of life in Johannesburg died after suffering from cardiac problems. His corpse was mummified and sent t...View Details»

Operation Mersad Begins ... 26/07/1988 History
Operation Mersad was the name given by the Iranian government, taken from the Persian word meaning 'ambush' was the last major military operation of t...View Details»

Tabriz–Ankara Pipeline Operational... 26/07/2001 History
(Wikipedia) - The Tabriz–Ankara Pipeline officially started operating on July, 26, 2001 but the project was not easy one facing both economic and poli...View Details»