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Warning From India About U.S.... 26/11/1944 History
A classified letter from Ali Motamedi, Iranian representative in India is delivered to Prime Minister Saed on Nov, 26, 1944. The report that was dated...View Details»

Iran-Contra dealings revealed ... 26/11/1986 History
Iran-Contra dealings revealed, Nov. 25, 1986 By Andrew Glass 11/25/16 12:03 AM EST *** Lt. Col. Oliver North testifies before the joint House-Senate...View Details»

There was a Persian nationalist, there was a fading empire, and then, ... 26/11/2013 History
Hari Narayan The deal between Iran and the West is welcome. However, a deepening of relations has to involve recognition of the historical wounds inf...View Details»

Persian Relic Discovered in 1957: Hassanlu Golden Bowl... 26/11/2013 History
Hassanlu Golden Bowl is a valuable relic discovered in 1957, during Robert Dison’s excavation in the citadel mound at Hassanlu, near Naqadeh, northw...View Details»

53 Years After JFK Assassination CIA Admits This Conspiracy THEORY Is ... 26/11/2016 History
By Matt Agorist Shortly after noon on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in ...View Details»