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What can Avicenna teach us in time of Coronavirus? | Coronavirus pande... 16/06/2020 Health
As COVID-19 brought science and philosophy closer, we have seen a resurrection of interest in Persian polymath Avicenna. by Hamid Dabashi 16 Jun 202...View Details»

Is 'love and desire in Iran' a threat to US national security? ... 12/10/2019 Politics
What is really behind the US Department of Education's fury over a Middle East studies programme? by Hamid Dabashi The United States Department of Edu...View Details»

'The Ugly Americans': From Kermit Roosevelt to John Bolton ... 02/06/2019 Politics
An 'Ugly American' is once again leading the resurgence of American imperialism. by Hamid Dabashi *** Former CIA operative Kermit Roosevelt and curren...View Details»

How did Iranian cinema go global? ... 21/03/2018 Fun
The films of Iran's Amir Naderi brings the world to his homeland, while bringing his homeland to worldly recognition. Hamid Dabashiby Hamid Dabashi **...View Details»

From Khayyam to Mirzakhani: Iran's beautiful minds ... 24/07/2017 People
Both Omar Khayyam and Maryam Mizrakhani complicate the vision of their common homeland, Iran, in Western imagination. *** From the time that she achie...View Details»

Book review: Persophilia, or how Europeans’ love of all things Persian... 09/10/2015 Arts
*** Hamid Dabashi maps the changing geography of the connections between Persian culture, European history and western views. Book review: Persophilia...View Details»

Persian Empire, anyone? - Al Jazeera English... 25/05/2015 Politics
By Hamid Dabashi Baghdad is now the capital of the Persian Empire and other urban legends. 25 May 2015 11:46 GMT ***Darius and his dignitaries, miniat...View Details»

Why Persian Humanism Matters Today? ‘Persian humanism’ talk at UC Davi... 07/10/2014 Culture
‘Persian humanism’ talk at UC Davis Hamid Dabashi, a professor of Iranian studies and comparative literature at Columbia University, New York, will d...View Details»

Persian classical music mourns a master ... 21/05/2014 Arts
By Hamid Dabashi The recent death of Iranian master musician Mohammad Reza Lotfi (1947-2014) on May 2 at the age of 68 marks a crucial turning point i...View Details»

Why Every American Should Take Their Next Vacation in Iran - PolicyMic... 11/01/2014 Fun
Sasha von Oldershausen Last week, The Los Angeles Times reported that the thawing of U.S.-Iranian relations has already sparked a "boomlet" in America...View Details»