Iranian athletes defy threats to back Olympic ban...
msn.com19/07/2021 Sports
Self-exiled Iranian athletes are urging Olympic organisers to investigate their country over allegations of abuse. Claiming they have endured threats ...»»»

Israeli man indicted over alleged contact with Iranian agent ...
haaretz.com13/07/2021 Military
Yaakub Abu al-Kiyan allegedly passed information about Defense Minister Benny Gantz to an Iraqi handler who was in contact with Iranian intel agents ...»»»

Hackers disrupt Iran's rail service with fake delay messages... Auto
Fri, July 9, 2021, 11:14 PM TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's railroad system came under cyberattack on Friday, a semi-official news agency reported, with ha...»»»

Emergency shutdown reported at Iranian nuclear plant, officials say p...
rt.com21/06/2021 News
Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant has been shut down, and will remain offline for “three to four days,” state TV reported. The shutdown is the first...»»»

Ex-Mossad chief indicates Israel was behind Iranian nuclear facility e...
rt.com12/06/2021 Military
Speaking after retiring last week, Yossi Cohen used an interview to imply that Israel was behind the explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility and the ...»»»

Ireland recognises Israel’s ‘de facto annexation’ of Palestine ...
aljazeera.com26/05/2021 Politics
Gov’t now set to vote on amendment that, if passed, would expel the Israeli ambassador to Ireland and impose sanctions against Israel. The Irish gover...»»»

Israel Warns Iran Allies Are Learning How to Fight IDF in Widening Con...
msn.com20/05/2021 Military
By Tom O'Connor An Israel Defense Forces official speaking to Newsweek has warned that the country's Arab neighbors and Iran-aligned militias operatin...»»»

Israel-Palestine: US blocks UN statement for third time in a week ...
aljazeera.com18/05/2021 Politics
Washington, a close ally of Israel, has reportedly blocked UNSC statements that condemned Israel’s military response and called for a ceasefire. A thi...»»»

Iran calls for international action on Apartheid Israel ...
aljazeera.com17/05/2021 Military
Iran calls for strong international response to Israel’s ‘Crimes Against Humanity and war crimes’ against Palestinians. By Maziar Motamedi 16 May 2021...»»»

Why American politicians cannot say the words ‘Israeli Apartheid’ ...
aljazeera.com09/05/2021 Military
American political language does not have the capacity to address Palestine because it is disabled by white supremacy. By Mariam Barghouti Palest...»»»