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May, 13, 484 A.D.:
Hephthalite–Sasanian War

The Hephthalite–Sasanian War of 484 was a military confrontation that took place in 484 between an invading force of the Sasanian Empire under the command of Peroz I and a smaller army of the Hephthalite Empire under the command of Khushnavaz. The battle was a catastrophic defeat for the Sasanian ... Read Full Article:

May, 13, 1033 A.D.:
Masood Ghaznavi Appoints New Vezir

Mahmoud Ghaznavi had appointed Mohammad as the Crown Prince before passing away in March, 1030. But his other son; influential Masood staged a conspiracy by help of high ranking army officers and imprisoned his brother Mohammad and took his eyes out. Masood ascended the Ghaznavi throne in June 103... Read Full Article:

May, 13, 2010 A.D.:
Iran-Iraq Border Clash

(Wikipedia) - The 2010 Iran–Iraq border clash occurred on May 13, 2010, when Iraqi and Iranian border guards exchanged fire. 2010 Iran–Iraq border clash: It was the first major incident between the two since December 2009, when Iran took control of a disputed oil well. The gunfight lasted 90 ... Read Full Article:

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